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Perfect Techno also offers Shut Dawn Basis Maintenance facility to the valued customers for effective service. Our group comprising experienced professionals in Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation field is continuously rendering Inspection Services to various Industrial Sectors dealing with Industrial Fan and Pollution Control Equipments in India and adjoining countries. With an appreciation of our services in Air Pollution Control field. With our expertise & experience in this area, we can support any organization and provide solution to quality problems to any organization in India.

  • Perfect Techno can provide experienced service engineers to fully test or re-commission your Dust Control Equipment.

  • You may require us to simply remove and replace your filter bags or wish to maintain the cleaning system by replacing or repairing the pulse valves. Whatever the requirement, we can provide the service to suit.

  • Alternatively, you may wish to enter a service agreement for regular visits and repairs, we would be happy to discuss this with you and provide a fixed price.

  • Perfect Techno can provide the necessary testing and documentation. It is often beneficial to combine this testing with a service visit where adjustment and repairs can be undertaken giving a “clean bill of health” to our valued Customers.

  • Perfect Techno 1 Day Servicing with Report Legislation now states that APC Equipments should be assessed every month. Perfect Techno can do this for you and provide a report. The report will include recommendations on repairs, replacements and we will include our quote for parts and labour to replace parts by default. You are then free to proceed with us or shop elsewhere.

  • If you Ordered the spares and don't have the man-power or inclination to do it yourself? Let us fit the filter elements, diaphragm housings, diaphragm kits or new controllers for you. Experienced Perfect Techno engineer will fit spares and check filter operation.

  • Our visits to site in the past have historically been most productive for both parties when we have a drawing of the site mapping out the various filter systems on site. Matching this drawing to a document of spares and product codes which Perfect Techno keeps on record makes ordering future spares infinitely easier.

Perfect Techno is presently engaged in various sectors for providing technical expertise services for complete Operation & Maintenance responsibilities of ESP and Bag Filters. Perfect Techno team consists of experts who are experienced with Operation, Maintenance, Erection, Commissioning, Trouble shooting, Up-gradation etc. of All APC Equipments like ESP, Bag Filters, Cyclone ID Fan, etc. Perfect Techno have already executed number of jobs related to Operation & Maintenance and up-gradation of ESP and Industrial Fans including supply of spares in various sectors. Perfect Techno is also a regular service provider to all major OEM companies in India for commissioning, troubleshooting of ESP at their various projects throughout India. Site Inspection and Survey of existing Equipments and suggest improvements and implement the same.

We also have in-house repairing capabilities of any Mechanical & Electrical equipments and components of all APC Equipment like Bag Filters and ESP.

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